I wanted to shine a light and give a shout out to one of my clients and a champion of a man Kurt Peterson aka ”Old Poss”. For the past year and a half, I’ve had the pleasure of training Kurt and being a part of his team as he was preparing for the Taupo March 5th Iron Man that was meant to be 2 weeks ago but due to COVID it was postponed until December.
The champion, hard working and slightly stubborn Kurt, that did not stop him and on March 5th we drove down to Taupo to do what was meant to be the full Iron Man course ourselves. At 7am Kurt got into the Lake Taupo water and around 14 and half hours later completed the full Iron Man course. The humble man that he is will tell you he is a ”Fake Iron Man” but man to be he’s an Iron Man!
We are going full steam and training in preparation for the December Iron Man event back down in Taupo. Kurt isn’t only doing this to complete a lifelong goal but what makes him even more of a champion is he is doing it to raise awareness for Cerebral Palsey and is partnering with the Cerebral Palsey Society to do so. Kurt himself has the doncdition but in the year and a half we have been training I have never once heard him use it as an excuse for anything, and if you talk to him, you will see what I see, which is a man who grabs any challenge by the scruff of the neck and in his words ”Send it Deep”.
If you want to follow his Iron Man Journey you can search on Facebook and Instagram ”Kurt’s Adventure to Iron Man” and if you see or you most likely will hear the little buggers laugh around and tell him he’s an Iron Man because I need help to convince him he is.
Introducing your 2022/2023 National Para Triathlon Champion Kurt Peterson

2022/2023 National Para Triathlon Champion – Kurt Peterson